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Stephen Davis

Hey Richard,

We are about to order the new Yanmar for Aloha, and are finding Yanmar USA not helpful regarding the isolation issues. For example, they will not provide isolated ground alternators without a 4 month lead time. The alternators are not a problem, as I can provide my own, but they also seem unable to provide isolated sensors and such. I guess my question is where does one get all the required components to isolate the engine, if the engine manufacturer can't provide them?

On another note, a very nice dual alternator pulley and bracket kit can be provided by Electromax in Ontario, Canada for $560.00. The kit will fit the 80hp Yanmar which we are buying, or the 110hp which shares the same block. I previously purchase an alternator and watermaker from Electromax, and have found them to be great people to work with. 

Regarding Kent's CDrive issues, I have to wonder how much of the problem was a result of the lack of isolation of the engine since that has been corrected, and he seems to still have issues with the prop zinc disappearing. Some of the problems seem incredibly difficult to track down. 

Congratulations on a successful delivery across the pond, and welcome back. 

Steve and Liz Davis
Aloha SM72
Hauled in St Augustine, Fl

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Take a look at posts Kent has on this site. Not isolating the engine will over a very short time cause a issues with the Amel drive and engine. The old saying an once of prevention.    

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So what would be the consequences on not isolating the engine ´s negative on all electrical sensors, actuators and alternators?

Alex Paquin
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