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I do not know the exact Amel paint but Amel rold me that it is a hard, non-ablative paint.
I have used Trinidad SR for the last 5 years with good results. All hard paints require
periodic scrubbing of the hull to expose new anti fouling as sailing alone will not
create enough paint removal to expose new anti fouling. I have repainted with two coats
every two years. I just scuff sand the old paint to create tooth adhesion for the new coats
and have had good results. I only get 2 years out of two coats of paint in the tropics. I
used the Trinidad recommended metal primer for the metal cast iron where I had lost
some paint. Grind to fresh metal, wipe down with acetone or MEK, paint immediately,
wait NO MORE THAN 10 minutes between coats or you have to scuff sand between coats.
It sticks to everything but it won't stick to itself if allowed
to dry because it is such a hard paint. Immediately coat with the Trinidad SR or you
have to scuff sand before applying.

My understanding is that you can put an ablative paint over a hard paint but not the

Hope this helps.


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Can anyone give me a quick answer as to what brand of anti fouling Amel
use? I just missed them on the phone today and need a rapid answer. Time
difference will make a call too late tomorrow.

I shall be trying the antibiotic enhancement to the paint which I am told
greatly extends the paints life. Maybe a harder grade of paint would be a
good idea too if it is going to last maybe 5 years, though I want to stick
to the same brand to minimize the need for a complete rub down and primer.

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