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Description : Schematic and photos from Amel that show how to electrically isolate the Yanmar 4JH4HTE. It requires making your own new wiring harness, isolated ground switches and senders for oil pressure and temperature cut-off and gauges, isolated ground alternator(s), diodes, and a solenoid in the negative wire between the block and the negative battery post. The isolated ground components are grounded back to the battery instead of being grounded to the block. The starter and stop solenoid cannot be isolated, so they operate via the solenoid when the engine is cranked or stop switch is compressed. As soon as the key is released to the "run" position, or the stop button is released, the solenoid opens the circuit so that the engine is no longer connected to the negative battery post.
The most difficult part of this project is finding the proper isolated ground senders and switches. Yanmar will not release the specs. You can get the numbers and thread sizes directly from the senders and switches (the numbers are stamped in the hex heads used to tighten them into the block), but they still have to be interpreted, and comparable isolated ground parts found. I will post this when I am certain that I have something that works.

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