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Hi Alex,
Amel sold me the "isolation kit" for ~800 Euros.  It consisted of the schematic and photos as posted in the Files, two solenoids (I don't know why two as the schematic only shows one), an isolated ground oil pressure switch, an isolated ground temperature switch, three diodes, and a few assorted nuts and bolts.  It was worth about $200 US if purchased elsewhere.  It did NOT contain the senders for the oil pressure gauge or temperature gauge, and did NOT contain a wiring harness, both of which are clearly pictured and described in the photos and schematic, which were actually sent to me prior to my purchase of the "Kit".

This is for the Yanmar 110 4JH4HTE, is that the engine you re-powered with?

The biggest problem will be finding the isolated ground switches and senders.  I can post the model numbers of the switches when I get back to my boat, but I think it would be prudent to wait until I get the isolation completed and can confirm that everything works as advertised.  The other issue will be the alternator(s).  I believe that the 12v alternator on my Yanmar (for the start battery) has an isolated ground wire, but it is attached to the engine block.  I'm not yet sure that it will work in the isolated ground system described.

The final problem will be finding a marine electrician who really understands what Amel is doing if you aren't savvy enough to do it yourself (like me).  U.S. electricians are often well-versed in ABYC standards, but don't have a clue when it comes to European standards or especially the Amel system.

I should know more in a couple weeks and will post again when I am sure I'm giving accurate information.

Good luck

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Good day to all, I´ve been researching the group site on the topic of isolation of this engine to Amel specs. I did find the file of the schematics for this job, which will give some clues, and grateful it even exists. However, I don´t seem to find any conclusions or complete instructions to carry out this job. Does Amel sell this kit?

We re powered our Maramu in 2013 with this engine because of the opportunity we found and it works fine, but now I very concerned with the isolation issues, since now it is not isolated and cannot imagine the consequences of not doing so. So far, there are no symptoms of corrosion. We do not have a C drive but an ordinary shaft, so it is quite simple to inspect.

The boat is pretty much the original 12 VDC  setup, except for the new engine and new electronics and 12 VDC refrigerators. The AC wiring is only used while on the dock and there is no generator on board.

Any comments or advice taking into consideration this is not a Super Maramu?



Maramu hull #94, 1981

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