Re: Autohelm ST7000 will not leave Standby

Craig Briggs

HI Eamonn,

I have just replaced mine and have the old equipment available - please see private email I sent you.

Craig Briggs
SN#68 Sangaris, Ft Lauderdale

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I have been following the forum for 6 months in preparation for buying our Super Maramu, #151.  Here is my first post, after our 2 week shakedown cruise!

The Autohelm ST7000 worked for an hour but since then failed to leave "Standby".  The rudder angle appears correctly.  Wires seem OK.  Also noteworthy to mention is that the original GPS display also fails to switch on, and it is connected to the SeaTalk bus.

I guess I should replace the GPS anyway.  I guess the ST7000 should be able to work without it (I can't figure out why it would need the GPS in the first place, Fluxgate and Rudder should be enough?).

I read all references in this forum to ST7000 but not being able to leave standby was never mentioned.  Any suggestions?

SM #151

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