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The Kristy saga continues:

3 1/2 yrs ago I had the bottom painted in Trinidad. Sea Hawk's Island 44 was recommended. After taking the old paint down to gelcoat (it had 12 years of paint), a barrier coat was applied, then 2 coats of this tin-based paint (which is banned in the U.S. by the EPA). Great paint...lasted 3 + years and probably could have gone another 6 months.

I called a SeaHawk distributor and asked what they recommended since I couldn't buy it in the U.S., and he recommended their Island77. No mention of barrier coat or anything else.
I hauled out in Fernandina Beach, FL and had the bottom cleaned and lightly sanded, then 2 coats of Island77 applied. Then I discovered the prop shaft damage and the boat stayed on the hard for a year. Before launching I had another coat of Island 77 applied.

After sailing for only 6 weeks, I discovered the zincs were half gone already. I decided to haul out again so I could look at the prop shaft and have the topsides polished. All that new paint was GONE!

I called SeaHawk again, and this time they said "Nothing sticks to that tin-based paint." They recommended sanding it all down to gelcoat again.

If that isn't bad enough, the EPA requires that it be removed in an enclosed space, doesn't allow sandblasting it, only chemical stripper and sanding the rest with vacuum collection of dust, and disposal in a lined landfill. $10K just for paint removal! Plus a new barrier coat and new paint.

Moral of this story is 'Don't be lured into using banned paint unless you are going to be somewhere that you can buy it again when it's time to repaint." Apparently many places where you could buy it 3 years ago have now quit selling it.

I sure do seem to learn the hard way, don't I?

Steady as she goes.

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