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Kent Robertson

Hi Bill.  I don't mind doing it in warm water, but not cold.  I'm looking at making my own Hookah system for cleaning the bottom, unfouling the prop, changing zincs, maybe enuf hose to unfoul an anchor.  For now I'm going to put Pettits Ultimate SR60 on and see how it lasts.  Waiting to hear how others in the tropics fare w CopperCoat.
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Remember, if you like cleaning/scrubbing/diving on your bottom 2-4 times a year, then CopperCoat is good for you. Me...I am too lazy for that!


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Hi, Bill,
I've been doing some research about all this, and talking to the paint gurus here at Deltaville Boat Yard.

It seems that CopperCoat works extremely well in colder water like the NE USA and Mediterranean, but not so much in the tropics, where I'll be doing most of my sailing.

Micron66 is great paint for the tropics, but apparently doesn't do well in brackish water.  Here on the Chesapeake they put Micron 66 on a boat at the owner's request, and had to repaint in just a few months.  Interlux paid the bill for the prep and new paint job.  Since I'll be in brackish water for the next several months, I'm going to go with their recommended Pettit Ultima SR60.  When they have the old paint removed and the hull is dry enough, they'll put a coat of primer and two coats of paint.  I'll let you know how it does.

It turns out that SeaHawk Island 44, the tin-based paint is available almost everywhe re but the US.  It's actually sold in the US but can only be applied to boats of 75ftLOA.  Most large ships and USNavy ships are painted with similar paints to avoid hauling out so often.  So us little boats are the least likely to be polluting with bottom paint, but are the only ones who can't buy it here. What a crock!  Gotta love the EPA.  If this Pettit paint doesn't last more than a couple years, I'll probably go elsewhere and have Island 44 put on again.

Steady as she goes.

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