Amel 54 Help for Specs.

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

If I was ordering a 54 I would ask for the following (which it may
already have as I have not seen one and the Amel website does not
contain enough details).
Have the B&G instruments fully interfaced with the Raymarine so that
they can share the Raymarine fluxgate compass and wind instruments
to give you true wind speed and directionand to enable the pilot to
sail at a set angle to the wind.
Have telltales sewn on to the luff of the genoa and the leach of the
main. Sew on matching blue camber stripe in line with the Amel logo
on the main and at the same height on the genoa. Get sacrificial
strips sewn on to the leach and foot of the genoa.
Get the big 160 ltr per hour watermaker so that the watertank can be
filled up with minimum generator hours.
Have the pedestal for the helmsmans and charttable seats supplied by
the New Zealand company making Searider/Surfrider pedestals as it is
the only one made,so far as I know that has gas filled struts to
raise and lowerit and to move the seat in and out.It also swivels so
that it can be used facing against the heeling of the boat and to
face into the cockpit when dining etc. This would mean getting a
Swedish demountable table bracket so that the table can be tucked
away in the big cockpit locker when not in use. These fittings are
not expensive but, in my view are a huge improvement. I can give you
the details of the suppliers if you are interested.
Have teak grab handles fitted on the underside of the fixed part of
the windshield either side of the companionway for the helmsman etc
has something to use when getting up etc especially when it is rough.
If it is not already done have two vinyl windows put in the awning
in the two panels over and in front of the helmsmans seat so that
you can see the set of the two sails when the awning is open.
Test the water maker to ensure that the salinity monitor actually

Good luck, John SM 319

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