Globe "run dry" impellers


A little over a year ago, many of us were discussing Globe "run dry impellers." I swallowed the hook and I bought 2 each for the Yanmar and Onan. I installed the first Globe in the Yanmar on April 20, 2014. On June 20, 2015, I replaced the impeller because it was over a year old. I purposefully let it go an extra 60 days in "age" because it was supposed to be "better," right? BTW, it only had 400 hours on it. Prior to using Globe, I used the Yanmar impellers and changed them at 500 hours or 365 days, which ever came first. I never lost a blade following this routine, but once did have 2 cracked blades.

An inspection of the Globe impeller reflected 6 blades were cracked completely across the blade at the base of the blade and all were present with no blade or piece of blade missing.


Globe impellers may run dry, but they do not last as long as conventional impellers when running wet. They are not as good as conventional impellers unless, maybe, you run the engine dry. Before I bought these, I thought that the premise of the reasoning behind Globe was not really valid, and that "running dry" was a gimmick. I was prejudiced. It is in my prejudiced opinion, that Globe Run Dry impellers are another case of smoke and mirrors and not something that will "save your day."


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