A/C Saltwater Pump


If you are looking for a replacement or a spare, here is something perfect, I think. I bought one as a spare.

March pump AC-5C-MD 230v 1020 gph Replacement pump for Cruisair PMA1000C

I probably should install it because it has a magnet drive impeller which separates and, in-effect, isolates the pump from the motor. This solves the issue with the Amel-installed Calpeda BCM20E pump which is that the Amel bonding system is connected to the case of the pump and the 230V earth is also connected to the case of the pump. This causes a connection between the Amel bonding system and earth. ABYC would want that connection, but I think Henri Amel may have missed this as I believe it is the only earth to bonding system connection on the SM.



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