Re: Water maker

Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava


I also have the 160 L/hr dessalator on Brava.  Would you mind posting a "before" and "after" plumbing diagram for the freshwater rinse system you installed? Also maybe a picture or two?  I have been getting over 1000 ppm lately, and so will be installing new membranes this Fall.  I'd like to re-plumb the fresh water rinse to a timer/carbon filter system while I am at it.

I assume that on your system, with the Amel-installed rinsing lever off, your 24V timer still opens the 24V valve for 6 minutes every other day, but no rinsing takes place because the Amel-installed rinsing lever is off. (No harm/no foul). However, when you leave the boat for some time, if you want to continue this rinsing cycle in your absence, you do need to leave both the Amel-installed rinsing lever and the freshwater pump circuit breaker on to provide the fresh water pressure, correct?  

I am wondering if the 24V timer could also turn the freshwater pump on (if the circuit breaker is off) so that the fresh water system does not have to be left on continuously (e.g. if left on the hard for several months for hurricane season).

What do you think?  


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