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All good questions, most of which I will answer in a day or two with photos, etc.

With the Amel-installed rinsing lever off, my 24V timer still opens the 24V valve for 6 minutes on Wednesday and Sunday, but no rinsing takes place because the Amel-installed rinsing lever is off. (No harm/no foul). When we leave the boat for some time, and if we want to continue this rinsing cycle in our absence, we leave both the Amel-installed rinsing lever and the freshwater pump circuit breaker on to provide the fresh water pressure.

I do not remember the amp rating of the timer, but think it is 10 amps. If you purchased a timer that could handle the amps of the fresh water pump (my pump draws 12 amps), then yes, you could run the pump and the valve. However, if you wanted this option, you might consider a separate timer for the pump. These timers have a Man/Auto switch that would work in this situation, and could possibly be wired to have current with the battery switches OFF.

I will get back to this thread with more information in a day or two.

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I forgot to ask - what size pipe (0.5", 0.75", 1"?) is that Amel-installed rinsing lever and what threads?  BST? NPS? Metric?


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