Re: A/C Saltwater Pump


If we were in the U.S. we would purchase this tonight.  Just three months ago we had the CALPEDA rebuilt by Southern Armature and Pump Company in Fort Lauderdale... for $406 or so.  They know the pump well, they had rebuilt it once already under previous boat ownership at some unknown point in time, and they returned it to us in a couple of days looking nice and shiny.

They reported that ours did not look good inside when we took it to them.  Having said that, it never failed or underperformed in any detectable way: we were just being proactive.

Bill, if you install it, it would be nice to know how it goes.  We might ask a relative to bring it with luggage at some point in the future.


SM2K #350
Marina des Minimes, La Rochelle

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