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You're an engineer. What does that quoted instruction tell you?

It tells me nothing. What is the definition of "pay attention" and "too high?"  Also membranes for saltwater are different than RO membranes for your home. The saltwater membranes are constructed differently and their model numbers have a prefix of SW.

There is certainly lots of anecdotal data out here to suggest that chlorine is harmful to SW membranes, and there are lots of experienced sailors who claim that it is.

Possibly this needs to be researched because Filmtec completely changed its manufacturing process to a complete robotic assembly about 10 years ago. Prices went down and water quality went up. Possibly, they also did something about purported Chlorine vulnerability. Since there is only one manufacturer of membranes, it is probably easy to research this. Frankly, I am sticking with my anti-chlorine prejudices.

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In regard to chlorine, my Owners Manual seems to allow the chlorine level in potable water: "   Payattention not to allow pure chlorine (or a too high dose of chlorine) in the the desalination system, as this could damage the device."

The filters are sold for home systems to reduce the TDS and they would be subject to the chlorine in typical potable water systems.

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