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georges pellegrini <dji314@...>

1- it is not a leak. If it was the pump would be running permanently
2- If you have pressure in the other cold water faucets, it must be
either a kink in the cold line to the forward head or a clog in the
-pop the pump breaker
-disconnect the cold line at the forward head faucet
-engage briefly the breaker.
-if there is little flow, it's a kink (or clog) in the line
-if there is a good flow, it's a clog in the faucet

G. Pellegrini
Santorin #132

On May 14, 2006, at 10:37 AM, pellegrini1942 wrote:

I have an SM 2000 and am experiencing problems with cold water
The cockpit shower is fine, but the forward head faucet has almost no
pressure. The mix of hot and cold is OK, but not as strong as usual.
The water pump is working and is at 20 psi when off and goes to 26 psi
when it turns on.
Any ideas on the problem will be appreciated.
Tony Pellegrini
SM2000 #373
Port Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey

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