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Hi Eric,
There wasn't anything sealing the top of the bolt on Kristy.  It was exposed and looked to be in fine shape.  Makes me wonder if the CDrive had been removed before I bought her.  I put some waterproof grease (lanocote) on the threads before bolting it back down.  Since I'm on the hard again, I'll be interested to hear what Olivier says about sealing it.  

Are you able to wiggle the lower drive side to side at all?  If so you may need new rubber bushings that go between the stainless sleeve and the "foot".  There are two pieces of rubber hose (one big enough to fit snugly over the other) that go into the hole in the foot.  The steel sleeve goes inside the smaller hose, and the bolt goes through the sleeve.

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I hauled Kimberlite today to fix some water intrusion in the C-Drive.

After reading what you had done and some of Olivier’s explanation as to what was hiding under that black silicone button on the foot of the C-drive.
I cur away the silicone and found the bolt in question. I was amazed to find that it was loose enough that I could turn it with my fingers. I tightened it with a 30 mm socket that I use for the prop puller.

I was wondering if it can be removed and put a thread sealant on it, Also, in the past when I used a lot of silicone to close something up , It took many days to harden. Is there something special that you used to seal the bolt?


When taking the spurs line cutter off the shaft I also noted that one of the two small cap screws was missing along with a piece of the spurs unit.

Fair Winds


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