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ianjenkins1946 <>

Dear John, Am I right to recall that you are an enthusiastic owner of a Kiwi built RIB with an aluminium hull? If so can you send me the details? I am looking at the Southern Pacific Sheerwater, made in Auckland, 3.09m, weighs only 38kgs. Do you carry yours on the aft coachroof or in davits?
To date we have had a Carib, very strong but also very heavy!We are toying with the idea of davits and would be interested to hear from anyone who has fitted the Amel ones .

Also, we have at last done what we should have done when we first bought Pen Azen, namely redesigned the spray hood so we can stand under it and see forward.We did it in Brazil with a very tight timetable . The workmanship leaves something to be desired but the overall effect is an enormous improvement.Essentially all we did was to lengthen the existing stainless frames by 4 cm for the aft two and by 10cm for the forward one. They stay in their original mounts and fold down about 4cm higher than the original. We used the same attachment for the forward edge of the sprayhood and the sprayhood cover when the sprayhood is folded away ( Never folded away on our boat, be it Caribbean or Cape Horn).This allows me ( 6 foot in my socks) to stand upright under the new sprayhood ,wearing shoes. We also made the whole of the forward panel of clear vinyl which can be zipped open. At last we can see where we are going when we are standing up AND I can leave the hood up and stand behind the wheel with my head out of the window AND I can sit on the aft coachroof and see forward---just like the Maramu and the Sharki and no doubt every other Amel except the SM!
( Incidentally, I am sure that tucked away in the Amel archives are to be found various versions of an improved sprayhoood for the SM but under the ancien regime such an alteration would have been the subject of a firm "Non"!)
Anyway, my thanks to Claude and Vito and various other owners who trod the sprayhood path ahead of us. If anyone else is thinking of doing the same thing I can only encourage them as heartily as possible.There are various versions on various boats. If someone will kindly tell me how to add photos to this website I will arrange for the Admiral to bring her dongle into a cybercafe and show you the end result. The stitching is not the prettiest and dear Mario who built the hood for us failed to warn us that he only had brown ( two different browns at that!) leather for the chafing strips, somewhat novel on white Sunbrella but it does the trick. If Brazil had had Stanoid ( which I think is the Amel material) that would have been even better but the Sunbrella is pretty sturdy.
Fair winds, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Uruguay.

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