Re: Amel Mango Bow Thruster removal.


the parts don't all look exactly the same, but the process is the same as for the Super Maramu.  The procedures documented on this Yahoo Group apply to the Mango bow thruster as well.  Make sure you don't break or loose anything, as Amel won't be any help with parts for the Mango version.  The seals are standard seals that can be purchased locally.  I've had a hard time matching the o-rings and have been using the same ones for a while.  The nylon screws can be purchased locally.  The foam rings are a bit more difficult.  If you can get the SM ones they will work.  Don't tell Amel you're looking for parts for a Mango, they seemed to have purged the spares, or just run out.  Last year I had to fabricate a new fairing, which was challenging but doable.  Good Luck.

Mango #62, sv Charisma

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