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Hi ROger
I'm using on my SM the Bauer Junior II to my entire satisfaction. My advice is dont get away from serious brand such as this one. It is may be more expensive than the rest but it is worth it. Dont forget that getting spare parts if a breakdown occures when u are lost in the middle of nowhere may become a serious issue.
To make it short, no compromise for this kind of equipement. I'm using the monophase type one. The oceanus looks very good as well. My only coment is that the faster you fill up the tank the more heat u generate and once it has cooled down you will realize that your initial 220 Bars may become much less than that. So it may not give in real as many advantage than on the paper.
I bought mine direct from Bauer France.
They are very helpfull reliable and speak english. If I'm not mistaken they gave me a discount in the range of 15% based on the tarif price. Anyway it is worth trying.
Wishing you all the best with your new boat but be patient..........
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From: "Roger Frederiks" <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Future Amel 54 owner
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 13:51:35 -0000

Hello, Amel owners/adventurers,

Just to introduce myself to the group, having ordered a new 54 some 10
days ago. She won't be delivered till September 2008! But, judging
from the wonderful day of sailing I had on her recently as well as all
the very positive feedback on Amel yachts in general, it will be well
worth waiting for.
My plans are to live aboard and to travel to far flung places, away
from the maddening crowds, and also to use her for scuba diving trips
to remote tropical locations with friends.
I have done a lot of online research, in particular going through most
of the very useful info on this site and by reading most of Patrick
Naegels' excellent AmelCaramel webpages. However, I still have quite a
few questions, some of which have already been dealt with by the Amel
sales staff.
For instance, I'm aware that some Super Maramu owners are sailing with
diving compressors onboard. I've been told that Amel can install a
Poseidon Junior II in the port cockpit locker. Are there any owners
here with such an installation? And if so, is it with the (single
phase) electric drive? FYI, I have been looking at the bigger cousin
of the Bauer Junior, the Oceanus, which has a 40% higher filling
capacity for the same dimensions and a gain of only 6 kg in weight. I
have ordered the Comfort Pack as 1 of the options for my 54, so there
should not be a problem charging batteries, running the 160 ltr/hr
Dessalator as well as charging batteries, and filling diving tanks,
all at the same time.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback from anyone on this. Needless
to say, I have other questions on various boat options, set ups and
general tricks of the trade, but those will come in due course.

Last but not least, if there are any Amel owners out there who might
require someone to help with watchkeeping during a long passage, I
would be delighted to assist. Naturally, I will arrange for my own
travel to and from the boat and I'm happy to contribute towards any
subsistence costs.

Many thanks and fair winds.


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