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Andrew & Kate Lamb

Thanks - I have stripped the motor -fortunately I have some gear pullers on board - brushes and bearings are ok but seems that most bars on the commutator have a resistance of about 0.2 ohms with the adjacent bars except for 4 which have a resistance of greater than 1k ohms - these 'broken' ones are unevenly distributed around the commutator. When I put it back together with the armature lined up in such a way that there was a low resistance across the leads (connecting A1 to D1) and applying 0v to A2 and +24v to D2 then the motor burst into life for an instant and stopped then with a high resistance and no further movement.

Amels advice is they currently do not have a replacement motor but are researching a solution for the future but the quickest fix is to get the armature rewound. 


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Pretty sure ,some years ago,we had the bearing and bushes checked by electrical contractor in Phuket

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Giovanni Testa, SV Eutikia, SM428, (gtesta23"at" pulled the electric motor for a bearing, I think, but may have overhauled the motor.

Try to email him.

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Hi all

When leaving the port a couple of days ago it became apparent that the bow thruster had stopped working - the solenoids are activating on moving the joystick from port and starboard and I verified that there was the correct voltages going to the motor according to the circuit diagram - I have therefore concluded that the bow thruster motor has malfunctioned so have removed it and fixed the shaft up with wires and a pulley. Before I did this I dived and checked the bow thruster propellor was not snagged and that I could turn the blades freely.
I could not find anyone having attempted an overhaul of this motor on the forum - does anyone have any experience of this?



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