Re: Water Pressure Problem

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I had a similar baffling experience last year with the same faucet.
After doing all the usual stuff I found it was actually a leak from
the supply pipe. Behind the head under the shelf access panel you
will with much twisting of arms get to a copper supply pipe that is
connected to a rubber hose. This was the culprit for me, it had
worked loose with vibration and half the water was spurting into the
space below the head and into the bilge under the floor opposite
closet. I wondered for weeks where that water was coming from!!!
Good luck
Minaxi SM6
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I have an SM 2000 and am experiencing problems with cold water
The cockpit shower is fine, but the forward head faucet has almost
pressure. The mix of hot and cold is OK, but not as strong as
The water pump is working and is at 20 psi when off and goes to 26
when it turns on.
Any ideas on the problem will be appreciated.
Tony Pellegrini
SM2000 #373
Port Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey

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