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I have sailed a number of boats with a staysail. A Frers 60 ketch, Tayana 52 ketch, my own Alajuela 48 and the Cape Dory 30 cutter with a boomed foot (ankle breaker). Loved them all in a blow .It really balanced the boat while reducing sail. Found running backstays a pain, especially the Frers 60. The best was a Cape Dory 30-33-36 where we never touched the running backstays. On the Cape Dory 30, Ialso found that sheeting the staysl hard to midship, it would help fill the yankee or genoa in light winds going downwind. Really cool. Lots of options. Others may find their experience different. Often the slot for the genoa is too narrow to tack easily. If it works on the Amel, great.


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How close to the wind can those who have added the inner stay sail?  It would have to be a lot closer to justify the cost and questionable effect on resale value.


I've heard it said that "gentlemen don't go up wind" anyway.




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There are a number if reasons why I would not install one and I believe only one reason to do it. The one reason that I know of to install one is to be able to sail closer than 54 degrees true.

Is there another reason to install one?

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We are planning to let Emek marine in Turkey install an inner fore stay, I have seen that some of you have installed an inner fore stay, example Brava and Pilgrim, but they have chosen different solutions, either to have it parallel to the fore stay up to the upper spreader then needing runners or up just below the fore stay fittings. I have not yet decided which way to go, and would be very interested to hear from SM owners who have experiences with inner fore stay, what they would think is the best way, and is it worth doing it at all?

If chosen to the upper cross tree how large are your stay sail?

Paul on S/Y Kerpa

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