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Hello from Fiji

Well of course problems will crop up in the most remote places. I
recently bought a water saltinity tester. The water coming from the
watermaker is testing at 1200 PPM. The water from the tap is testing
at 1000 or under ppm and when I test the water from a refrigerated
bottle it tests at around 600 to 700 ppm. My conclusion is that
temperature has a lot to do with test results. Anyway all these
results are above normal. Now my watermaker could have been producing
this quality of water all along I just had no way of testing.

My questions are.

1- Does the higher readings mean that the membranes are going bad.
Product amount is normal.

2- Does cleaning the membranes with a solution help.

3- Can someone recomend a supplier for the membraned in the US or
south pacific.

4- Does anyone know what the model # of the membrane is. I have the
150 LPH 220 model.

PS I tested the saltinity of red wine and it 1050 PPM. So maybe I am
making too much out of this.

Any help or advise would be gladly appreciated.

Thank you

Vito Ciaravino

asm 283

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