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Yes I know that, but don't use True Wind as a measurement. We use the function to sail on a wind angel, and the figures you use, and get, is apparent. 

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The B&G Hydra will show true wind...refer to the manual.

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We don't have any inner stay. But it is on my husbands wish list. So wecare following this discussion with big interest.

Just a few questions. When you furl the genoua in to make the tack, doesn't boat loose speed then, and making it difficult to complete the tack?
My husband says that you don't furle the whole genoua in, but aren't the sails chafing each other in every tack then?

We have changed the original genoua to a slightly bigger and with a different design, and that gives us the possibility to sail 42 degrees apparent wind ( can't convert that to True Wind that Bill spoke off).
 In heavy winds we add an extra sheet and snatch block and sheet the genoua on the inside of the rail. Giving us some extra degrees towards the wind. Ofcourse we cannot tack with this solution since we only have snatch block on one side of the boat.

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Thanks Alan.

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Hi Danny,
Ours sheeted outside the stays with a snatchblock on the forward chain plate, the sheet actually runs between the stays.
I have seen others with tracks in the deck and as you say a very small sail.
We don't get any improvement in point ability, in fact I would say it's worse, BUT in big winds its a blessing.
Elyse SM437 

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