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I am not sure because I have little experience with a Santorin, but a Super
Maramu's chain locker drains into the gray water sump. There is a valve
below the bow thruster that needs to be open for it to drain. Also, putting
muddy chain in the locker will stop up the drain...

I attached a photo of the drain valve in a SM

I hope this helps.

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Hi, (SANATORIN) can anyone tell where is the draining hole of the chain
locker and the access to it???

I have just observed some water in the chain locker, the access to it is
from the starboard side of front cabin (removing the plate), but the
drainage is seem to be at the portside (into the pipe >>> into the bilge by
the pipe coming from anchor washing pump) but no visible access from the
chain locker side.


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