Engine mountreplacement

Patrick McAneny

I have read over the years about many owners with newer boats than mine replacing their motor mounts. My question is how do you know if your mounts need to be replaced. My boat is a 1994 and may very well have the original mounts and I have wondered if they should be replaced. I have a moderate amount of vibration ,  the same ever since I have owned the boat (8 yrs.)  I do have increased vibration when the boat rolls to port , it only happens rolling to port not to starboard , I have wondered if it was caused by back pressure on the exhaust, and is this normal. I have the Volvo TMD 22 A, and was recently on a 2003 SM with a Yanmar and it had much less vibration , thus my question . How do you know if your mounts are in need of replacing. I remember I had a car once with a broken mount , it was obvious for when you accelerated the engine would lift and the fan would hit the fan shroud, not so obvious on a boat.


Pat SM #123

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