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Who ever did the stay sail, did a beautiful job. Well done!


Bali Hai, SN24, Annapolis


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I do something slightly different to what Alan does, in that I start the tack under full sail, but then quickly let the Genoa sheets loose before furling so that there is less strain on the furler.  As he says, there is no need to completely furl the Genoa, just the majority of it so that it does not get caught on the staysail foil and backwind on the other tack.  


By the way, because Brava has staysail foil with an electric Profurl furler, the staysail is readily available to deploy using a toggle switch in the cockpit.  Of course the downside is that the staysail foil cannot be easily detached and led over to shrouds to clear the foredeck.  You pay your money and you take your choice!



SM2k#400 Brava

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