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Bonjour Roger
Le contact que j'avais chez Bauer est
Nathalie Pechoux Tel. +33 479 88 71 69

Pour information le tuyau haute pression de remplissage doit mesurer environ 1m. Je cale les bouteilles contre le siege du barreur quand je fais un remplissage.
Attention de bien preciser la commande le type de robineterie des bouteilles DIN ou autre.


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From: "Roger Frederiks" <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Diving compressors, tenders and davits
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 06:56:38 -0000

Dear Ian and Erick
Thanks for the feedback on the Bauer compressor. I'm definitely going
to ask Amel to install it then! Yes, they are noisy things so we may
not be terribly popular at some anchorages, but at least we'll be
totally independent from any shore based filling stations. Erick,
thanks for reminding me about Charles' Law. I'd nearly forgotten about
that... ;) However, when on expedition in remote tropical locations we
used to have our tanks submerged in an open barrel with water in order
to keep them cool when being filled. Not sure if this is possible on
an Amel, as the tanks may well have to sit next to the compressor in
the port cockpit locker. Amel have said they can make a custom tank
holder frame once they've been given the tank dimensions.
So, right now, not yet sure if to go for the Junior II or the Oceanus.
Also thanks for the info on contacting Bauer France. Je suis
francophone, donc je me debrouille en franais. :)

As an aside, Ian, I read your comment about RIB's. So far, I've looked
at both AB and Caribe and possibly Avon, but it sure seems as if the
Southern Pacific Sheerwater may well be worth investigating in view of
its much lighter weight. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to go for the
Amel davits. They certainly look very solid but in my view they also
spoil the attractive lines of the 54. So perhaps I shall stay with the
tried and tested method of using a halyard and winch for lifting and
lowering the tender and outboard.
Incidentally, for the Amel 54 they are the Series 7 Simpson Davits and
can be seen on

I have lots more questions but plenty of time for that later.
Cheers, Roger

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