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I would not do it because it is much easier to clean barnacle, muscle and any growth or any obstruction from above and through the sea chest.

I have a broom handle with a bottle brush on the end. I can open the sea chest and push the brush and the broom handle through the sea cock to the outside removing any bloickage. You will know when you have blockage because Amel has an an alarm attached to the sea chest that goes off when a blockage happens...if you do not have that alarm, or if fails, your engine temperature will increase setting off an alarm. Lastly, I would not do it because Henri Amel didn't do it...that may be the best reason!!!

If you search Photos on the website with "sea chest" you will see my broom handle/brush.

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We have Aloha hauled for a repower, and while we are out, we were thinking of adding strainers over the 3 below the waterline seawater intakes. I'm particularly concerned with the intake for the engine/genset, as it seem that it would be easy for a plastic bag on even a jellyfish to clog this critical intake. Has anyone else added strainers? Any negative side effects to adding strainers?

Thanks for your input.

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