Re: [Amel] RE: sheets for Maramu

Paul Osterberg

I found this old thread and as I'm going to order new sails for the next season, and would like to have battens in my mainsail, as well as a cutter sail, it would be very interested to have the measurements of the sails you ordered for Elyes if still available and roughly how long the battens are. On my current sails there are some distance before the tack reach the fare end of the boom, that goes for both main and mizzen don't see any reason for that.
What sailcloth did you chose and did you go for tri radial or cross cut? Each sail maker I talk to have their opinion and several of them sounds quiet convincing. But you look to be very happy with what you choose
Any of you who had strong opinion on which cloth and cutting please advice as it is a major investment I don't want it to go wrong
Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

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