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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Impressive story Eric!
Show how strong the boats are...

When you haul out, do you also have the little crack around the keel?

Sincerely, Alexandre


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Subject: RE: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Keel moving???
Date: Monday, July 27, 2015, 11:19 PM


Alexandre,If memory serves me
there are at least a dozen 25-30 mm bolts holding the keel
on.I doubt it will ever
loosen.When heading back to
the USA we hit a whale doing 10 ½ knots in the trade winds
with our big gennakerup. It stopped us in 5
feet. In fact one person was standing by the saloon table
and wound up in the forward berth.  As the whale swam past
our starboard side I could see his size. Much bigger than
Kimberlite. I swear he looked me in the eye and flipped me a
flipper.  I started the engine to
scare off any other whales, and we checked the bilges. When
the sea calmed down a few days later I dove on the boat and
no problem. I have hauled Kimberlite every year for 13 years
and still no problems.   Fair
WindsEricKimberlite Amel Super
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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Keel
moving???    Alexandre:  I suppose this is a matter of
degree of movement/cracking you see.  Every Amel SM that I
have seen out of the water has some degree of cracking in
the bottom paint between the top of the cast iron keel and
the FRP (fiberglass) stub keel to which it is bolted.  I
believe this is more a function of differential thermal
expansion between the two materials while on the hard rather
than relative movement.  The cast iron keel (per Joel) is
attached to the fiberglass stub keel with a structural
adhesive as well as the multiple SS bolts.  I believe
significant movement between the two is extremely unlikely
short of having hit a reef at 8 knots, and even then I think
it would not move things much.    I once asked Joel about
replacing the SS bolts and he told me the story of a
customer who insisted on doing so despite Amel's
reticence.  After removing all the nuts from the keel
bolts, everything Amel tried to do to get the cast iron keel
off failed.  Eventually the only way they were able to
remove the cast iron keel was to cut off the fiberglass stub
keel and glass in a replacement, undoubtedly a less
satisfactory solution than leaving the keel alone.
 Where I
have seen cracking in the bottom paint at this joint, I have
ground down to bare metal and laid in 3M 5200 for fairing,
over which I used Interlux 2000 primer (multiple coats) and
my usual SeaHawk Island 44 (forbidden in USA because it
works) anti-fouling.  Not the gospel, but my two
cents worth and experience. (Joel correct me if I have
mis-quoted).Sincerely,   Gary S. Silver
Liahona    Amel SM #335    on the hard in Puerto

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