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Patrick McAneny

Gary, I have always had some vibration, but never knew if it was normal or not. When the boat rolls to port I get a pronounced vibration , once again I had no way to know if it was normal. But recently I was on a newer SM with a Yanmar and it had far less vibration , virtually none, so I figure its probably time for new mounts. Are you in Annapolis ? I would like to drive down , after you jack up your engine and are ready to install your new mounts ,if our schedules permitted. Thanks, Pat

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The timing on this subject could not be better. I will be setting up to replace our mounts this week. I have a good yard here in case I get in over my head but it sounds very do-able. Any job that requires new tools is always good. :)

I will for sure post if the mounts appear not to be what have been discussed.  

I am curious what symptoms were present which led to deciding on new mounts though. Adagio just has a rattle, only at idle, which presents mostly through the engine cover. Thinking the mounts and/or coupler bushings are the likely first choice for a fix. 

Thanks again to the group members for the amazing info.

Gary W.
S/V Adagio 
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