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Andrew & Kate Lamb

I had the same problem with our rear unit – it turned out easier  and as I recall I think cheaper to replace the whole unit than just the compressor (compact 9 EH unit I think). I got it from they gave me a 25% discount on their prices.







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Hi Bill,

I already spoke with Courtney and it is about 2700 plus 1000 airfreight to get it to the USA before November.

I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem in the past?

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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That's too bad, but 13 years is a long life in terms of normal A/C units. Climma builds a bullet-proof A/C system...if you had a Cruisair, you would have faced this issue years ago.


The Climma factory repair depot in Italy will repair anything at reasonable costs, but I know you are not in Italy.


I have lost track of where you are. If you are in St. Martin, at least it will be duty free.


If you are in the US, I am sure that you know about:

Coastal Climate Control, Inc. Climma and Frigoboat

PO Box 4535

Annapolis, MD 21403

(301) 352.5738 (ph)

(301) 352.5739 (fax)

The above stocks most Climma parts and an email to the above email will normally be answered by Courtney, who really knows her Climma and Frigoboat stuff. I believe that you can remove your A/C unit and send it to Coastal Climate Control for repair (easy to remove...thank you Captain Amel). If it were me and I was in the US, I would send it to Coastal.


Hope this helps.



BeBe 387




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I has a second A/C technician on board Kimberlite and they concur that my compressor  for my 9eh unit

Is dead. They say the compressor is running , but there seems to be some sort of valve in the compressor

That is not closing and the compressor does not compress.


Has anyone had this problem,.

Were you able to fix it?


It seems that the replacement is expensive and has to be Air Freighted from Europe.

I was thinking of changing it out to a USA manufactured product.


Has anyone done this and if so what unit did you use. This unit is for the aft cabin.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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