SSB antennae and Ham licence

Roger Frederiks <rofred@...>

Dear all, I'm most probably going to be fitting an Icom M802 SSB,
enabled for the Ham frequencies. SSB is fairly new to me so I wonder
if some of you seasoned adventurers could give me some advice on the
First of all, Amel tells me most owners go for a long whip antenna
mounted near the pushpit. Is this the prefered method or do some go
for an insulated back stay or even the triadic stay? Or perhaps a
combination of both? I have read that some Amel owners have an antenna
relay switch fitted in order to use the whip antenna for TX and the
triadic stay for RX. What would be your advice concerning best
performance for transmitting and receiving?
Secondly, what kind of licence would I require in order to be legal
when using the Ham frequencies? I shall get the Long Range Certificate
in order to be able to use the official Maritime bands but I'm
confused as to what amateur licence allows me to also use the Ham
bands. I'm not sure yet what port of registry I shall be using, but
most probably either Jersey or Gibraltar. Therefore I assume my course
of action will be to sit the UK based exams?
Many thanks.

Roger Frederiks

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