Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] U-drive oil

Judy Rouse

Thanks for the reply, Ian and Judy. We did use the 15W40 because
that was all we could locate near the boatyard. We also did replace
the hard interior seal on the bowthruster when we replaced the foam
seals. None of these seals had been replaced prior to our recent
work; and this boat was built November 2002, so we thought the seals
had held up well. Just routine maintenance. We have sailed over
500 miles since replacing these seals, without a drop of water
leaking into the forward bilge.

Judy & Bill Rouse
S/V Security, SM2 #387
currently lying Bequia enroute to Grenada

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<ianjudyjenkins@...> wrote:

Hi Judy, When we bought Pen Azen new we were told 15W40 and it
seems to have
worked happily ever since. Incidentally, as well as the two
external and
one internal soft foam rings to be replaced on the bowthruster you
can also
replace the hard seal which sits inside the boat . Once the
shaft is out
of the boat you have to work at it with your fingers till it
allows itself
to be prized loose but a good hard push down will relocate the new
Fair winds, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Uruguay

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