Re: SSB antennae and Ham licence

Roger Frederiks <rofred@...>

Vielen Dank Jochen, for your invaluable feedback. Yes, I'm aware that
the M802 is not type approved in the EU, but as I'll be registering my
boat outside the EU, hopefully that will not be a problem. Your
explanation on why the use of Ham frequencies is so useful is
precisely the reason why I intend to go for that too. Besides, from
what I've been able to gather so far, the maritime frequencies are
getting rather crowded, particularly by people using their Pactor
modems for email via SSB.
I have very little shortwave experience, having had to use SSB once
whilst crossing the North Atlantic by plane on a delivery trip. I
shall definitely do a Ham course here in the UK. Besides, it's another
2 years before I take delivery of my Amel 54!
Thanks for the antenna info. I'd forgotten about a separate one for
DSC. Amel have said they can do the whole installation, including a
high quality grounding system, and I'll probably go for that.
Viel spass


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