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If I understand you correct Jamie, you have water cooled fridge/freezers, why don't you cool those compressors with the water in your fresh water tank instead. Never any problems with growth. On Lady Annila, SM232, we have changed the air cooled compressors to water cooled.
 We use our fresh water tank as cooling. It is a closed system, so there is no contamination of the water. We have not beeing able to meassure any higher temp on the fresh water due to the cooling system, we have still the same temp on the fresh water as in the surrounding sea and you must always have at least 350 liters in the tank. We have used this system since 2008, no problems at all so far.

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I think you may have a problem similar to one I encountered with Lone Star (A54 no. 101) last summer.  Noticed significant corrosion at the end of the sea water distribution manifold and some leaking from the outlet where the refrigerator water supply is.  I was not having problems with the refrigerators but saw the potential problem so had a new SS manifold fabricated and installed.  I think if you clean yours out good all will be well.  
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We have and Continue to us Barnacle Buster to clear the AC and Frig cooling line. We don't leave it in line more than 12 hrs and flush with fresh water by way of dock hose pressure in put from the out hose of the salt water pump. We also take this opportunity to check the working pressure of that pump. Remember to follow the directions on the package. It is amazing how much marine growth flow out. 

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I've used Barnacle Buster once a year for 5 years without issues.

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I need to add something to the previous posting:

A good friend sent me an email this morning regarding Barnacle Buster. He is convinced that Barnacle Buster ruined his transmission cooler which was the cause of his transmission getting filled with sea water...and having to replace both.

I have never used Barnacle Buster. I have read about it and received recommendations. If you believe what Barnacle Buster says, it is completely safe, biodegradable, and disolves barnacles. That claim makes me a little suspicious, like I am sure it must make anyone who knows how tough a barnacle is, especially the glue that they have to attach to your boat.

Regarding that oil cooler, it may be a little "delicate" for any chemical. I talked to a Distributor who told me that they almost never fail. He was surprised that several Amel Owners had failures...he was actually talking me out of buying a spare. One of the things he said is the biggest failure of the cooler is caused by over-tightening the boot hose clamps. He said the metal is delicate and tightening these clamps too tight will cause the tubes to compress.

All of that said, my main point is I have never used Barnacle Buster, and although it may work on most everything, it might have damaged a transmission oil cooler. Note: I said "might."

Another related issue is that another friend was in the process of selling his Amel and during the Sea Trials experienced overheating at high RPM. BTW, they had the generator running and A/C on at the time of the overheating. I tried my best to convince him that the issue was most likely caused by trash inside the transmission cooler on the sea chest side. My friend, wanting to be sure that everything was 110% good for the new buyer hired a Barnacle Buster contractor. Whether Barnacle Buster worked or not, I don't know, but my friend found a lot of trash on the sea chest side of the cooler and cleaned it the old fashion way.

It is very easy to clean the trash that gets through the sea chest strainer. With the saltwater OFF, open the clamp and boot using a wet vac to suck up about 2-3 liters of water and trash...the water is from sea chest and lines. Then close it this annually and not more than every two years. This will NOT solve the refrigeration issue discussed in this thread, but this is normal maintenance to prevent overheating due to lack of saltwater flow to the main engine.

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Don't start cutting holes in that beautiful hull. It was designed to have plenty of water. You have something, probably a saltwater lifeform living inside your saltwater system. You did not say where you are. That limits my suggestions to you.

My guess is that somewhere between and including the sea chest valve, the line below it to the outside, the sea chest strainer, and the lines and pumps for your refrigerators, you have barnacles, muscles, or something restricting flow.

Go to the Photo section of the Owner's Group and search Photos for "sea chest." You will see one photo where muscles completely blocked the large hose off of the sea chest to the saltwater manifold. You will also see tools that I fabricated to help clean out the hoses. If it is barnacles or muscles, they will be living close to the sea chest.

It could be as simple as plastic or trash in your strainer, but I am sure that you checked that first.

You are either going to have to take lines and hoses loose and use some of the routing tools pictured, or get a contractor to come to your boat to circulate Barnacle Buster through all those lines.

I hope this helps you...let me know if you have questions.

Bill Rouse
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I have an Amel 54 and have trouble getting enough seawater flow through the refrigeration units while the air conditioning is running. It seems the 3 AC units, which share a common pump, as do the 3 refrigerator/freezers steel the cooling water. I routinely see the refrigerator compressors overheat and shut down from lack of flow. Each refrigerator compressor has a flow sensor, and with the AC pump running, evidently they do not see enough flow.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, is there a fix, short of installing a dedicated seawater intake for the AC pump?

James Wendell

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