Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Preparation for Worldtour

Steve Leeds

Jimmy Cornell's "World Cruising Routes" would be high on my list. Obviously, you will need cruising guides and charts for every area you will visit. They will be easier to purchase in Europe, the US, Panama, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. In other places they may be hard or impossible to find. Not so obviously, you will enjoy land tourist guides such as Lonely Planet for places you will visit and sometimes these are impossible to find in the places themselves.

We started using C-Map in Australia and found them to be very useful everywhere and very accurate in places where commercial shipping goes (not so accurate in out of the way places but useful nevertheless). We like it on our computer rather than in a chart plotter for faster refresh rates and ease of manipulation.

You must have backup charts for everyplace. We also find them to be more useful for planning purposes. We store them flat under unused beds. If you sleep on them for a while, they will start to mold.

Steve Leeds
Sharki #121
Circumnavigator's Yacht Service
Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

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