Turbocharger & exhaust smoke

Duane Siegfri

After a good bit of motoring (about 12 hours) we arrived in Brunswick, GA with a black smudge on the gelcoat at the exhaust port in the hull.  It wasn't extreme, but it was a good bit of soot extending back 4 feet from the exhaust port.  I did notice exhaust smell in the cockpit when at the aft/port corner.

First, is the smudge normal?  Or is it a sign of a diesel engine not completely burning the fuel?  I did have the tank cleaned prior to leaving so the fuel should be good.  I just cleaned the Racor's and afterward ran the engine up to 2,000 rpm, in gear, and got a blast of smoke at about 1,800 rpm that only lasted for 15 seconds or so.

Second, has anyone had to replace or overhaul their turbocharger?  I've read that it can be the cause of excessive smoke at the 1,800 to 2,000 rpm level.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
Duane & Peg
Wanderer, SM#477

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