Sail Furling Gearbox Specification--Stern Bumper

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I bought a few gearboxes from Leroy Somers here in the USA.

They contained all the essential parts but needed roller bearings.

I have a photo of what I received if you would like it.

I was doing some research for future use. I am going to get to the bottom of this and see if I can but a quantity

and distribute them to the group..


I also spoke with Maud to inquire about a new bumper for the stern. I have my last new one at home.

As we both like to have spares, I inquired, her response is that they no longer have the mold.  I did refinish my existing one on the boat and it lasted one year. I would refinish it one more time but the internal fixture that holds the bolts in place is bent and the bumper sits on the stern with some spacing.

The bumper seems to be made in 3 parts. The internal strip with bolts. A firm foam rubber and a very thick vinyl coating. I would like to fabricate a new bumper if anyone has an idea of how to do this.

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It may not be what you wanted to hear, but it makes perfect sense to me.

Earlier attempts by a member of this group to buy the gearbox direct were deflected by requiring a minimum order. It seems they want to sell these to their customer...and not their customer's customer.

Many suppliers are this way. Some are a little more sophisticated using price and quantity discounts to cause the deflection.

Amel has them in stock in France. Amel Caribe has them in Martinique, and EMEK Marine has them in Turkey. I don't think anyone has checked pricing to see if one is better, but most likely you should use the closest because of shipping costs.

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Today I heard from the Transdrive company in England after receiving the correct model number and serial number of the gearbox.

Here is their answer.

Good Morning,


Thank you for the serial number, you need to contact AMEL Chantiers in France in order to purchase. We cannot offer this unit.




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Thanks Eric,

that's what I told them. Leroy Somers UK has been taken over by Emmerson and they refuse to trade without a photo of the nameplate which was a sticker and long gone. It's unbelievable that these people cannot identify this model from the photo I sent them from their own catalogue!

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& nbsp;


The drawing that I have of the gearbox is labeled  Minibloc-MVA

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Does anyone please have the exact model/part number of the Leroy Somers
reduction gearbox that is attached to the sail furling motors? I am
trying to get a part from LS UK to refurbish a worn box. I have told
them it's a Model D20 R1/60 GW211101 Type MVA M33 but they seem unable
to identify the box from this.

Any further information would be most helpful. Thanks

Ian Shepherd S M2K Crusader (2003) Larnaca Cyprus


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