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We have a 2003 model Super Maramu 2000, built November 2002. We
strongly suspect that the clothes dryer is not vented correctly.
washing function works great, but the dryer leaves the
clothes "steamed" rather than dry. They get too hot to touch, but
still quite moist. Our only conclusion is that the dryer is not
vented correctly.

The manual onboard is simply a users manual, with no description
the installation process. Can anyone tell us how this dryer is
supposed to be vented?

Thanks in advance,

Judy & Bill Rouse
S/V Security,
SM2, #387
Hi, I have SM 407 of May 2003 and had last year the same problem.
Amel at Hyeres took the mahine out and got it repaired. It was a
little problem in the elecronics. Since then it works OK again.
Best regards

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