Broken Gerabox

Paul Osterberg

A couple of weeks ago my out haul gearbox broke down, Actually no major issue, it was rather easy to set up a new system by attaching a line to the Clew back to the pulley at the end of the boom, back to a block at the goose neck, then two blocks at the rail to the secondary winch in the cockpit, as we are two it works very well.

If the main furler breaks it looks very straight forward to fix, but if the Genoa furler do not work, what to do then?

I tried the Amel way as in the instrucktion, I attached a long line to the furler I also put an antal ring just in front  of the "wheel" with shook cord to have the line almost making a 360 degree, to make maximum friction. In light wind it works OK, in moderate not very good and in strong wind not at all. On my previous boat I had a headsail furling system based on a continuous line, but a little more sophisticated and with the continues line constant under tension by a heavy duty shook cord. I can't say it worked well but OK, but that was on purpose made, and the sail area was 27 M2, not 65 m2 as on the SM.

I now wonder do any of you have any experience in this? I like to be rather safe than sorry and try out before we do really need it. Next time we maybe have the breakdown in a gale then it's good to know what to do. 

Paul on SY Kerpa SM #259

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