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Kent Robertson

Hi Ric,
I'll have a look when I get better internet access.  You got pics on the group site?

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Perhaps my lowly Santorin Sloops “vinyl villa” could interest you. My crew and I wouldn’t trade this for all the rum in the West Indies. Haven’t worn fowl weather gear in years while sailing.
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This is one of the things I like so much about this group. Lots of different solutions to the same issue. I'm looking at the rake of the bars on the Bimini and except for the aft one don't see but an inch or so gained by making them more vertical. At 6ft tall I need more like 3 inches to stand at the helm.
When I have the dink on the forward cabin top I fell like I can't see anything from the helm. Coming into new ports I always put the Bimini down so I can stand at the helm with a view all around. Have only come into strange ports in heavy rain a couple times with the Bimini up and was pretty anxious about the lack of visibility. My current canvas is only a few years old so I've got a while to mull it over.

Thanks again everyone for sharing your solutions.

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Hi all,
been watching this thread. When we bought Ocean Pearl we extended the bimini to cover the full cockpit. We put a bar (SS tube) across behind the mizzen mast above the boom. It is fixed only at each end by clamping around the mizzen side stays. (ala the pole brackets on the main mast stays) The extension zips onto the back of the standard cover and zips around the bar. We have roll up side and back curtains that when down give us a fully enclosed cockpit . The sides are clears, the back has large clear windows in it. In 40,000 sea miles we have never once worn wet weather gear except for the very occasional foray out onto the deck. When the weather is good we have the three curtains rolled up. Sometimes just the windward curtain down. We never remove the cover over the cockpit unless we are working aloft and need vis from the cockpit. Quick and easy to remove and replace. We also have a boom tent for the mizzen that zips on behind the bar. Makes lying on our deck mattresses on the stern cabin top much more fun.
We posted full photos (under Ocean Pearl I think) in 2009.
Last year we replaced the original covers and we put a clear section between the front bar and the hard dodger top. This has a zip over cover inside. A brilliant improvement. We didn't raise the height but still get good vis. Also have a clear section over the helm seat with an inside velcroed on cover to keep the sun off my head.
Those two clear sections give excellent vis to the sails and the forward one better vis forward in tight situations.
If you are making new bimini covers and want more height this can be easily achieved by simply swinging the bars more vertical, all three are on quite a slope and by putting them more upright a significant height advantage is gained.
Last thing. To stop the seam lines leaking just firmly rub a candle along all seams on the outside surface. Works well.
SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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