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Dear all,

I would like to thank Ian Shepherd for mentioning my « ABSURD SUGGESTION » concerning DESSALATOR.

On one hand, it is only facts and facts are stubborn: with “good quality” on, you can as well get no water as, far off limits, highly salted water poured in your tank.

On the other hand, I confirm that I received on December 20th 2004 from Patrick WAGNER, Managing Director of the company, a mail explaining that this non functioning design was made deliberately (on purpose).

I can forward it to Ian if he can read French.

I understand that since then other SM owners have reported on this forum that they have unfortunately experienced the same problem, which confirms that it is not only absurd suggestion, but real facts.( If I understand well, Gary Silver, Roy on Excalibur SM #195… ):
The water maker failed to divert bad water and
contaminated our entire water supply.
I fired up the water maker and with the green
light on, and the system producing water I tested the direct output
of the water maker, sure enough the product water was measuring about
9,000 ppm. >

Somebody also confirmed on this forum that he has been told that it is deliberately that this equipment is not connected, to prevent maintenance.

I also met other boats, non AMEL but having DESSALATOR, experiencing the same problem. Wagner confirmed to one of them, in January 2006, that the probe was only there as a mechanical “fuse”: in case of too high pressure in fresh water circuit it would “trip”, being pushed out of its base.

Since this supplier never answered my technical questions, cheats its customers, and also ridiculed all the problems I encountered with my equipment, I consider that this company is not serious at all and with such a way of behaving, only deserves to be pushed out of the market.

As to me, I rather prefer to stick to facts and figures than believe Wagner’s (and British rep) ABSURD “B.S.”. (e.g. 500Hz.)

No hard feelings.

Blue Marine
SM N°311

1: I already wrote on this forum all the bad experiences I had with this equipment and in particular the 220 v. motor nearly putting fire to my boat because of the inexistent and inadequate original electrical protection of this motor …do not change the circuit breaker for a higher rated one, your motor should not take more. I advise to put a slow blow fuse to prevent from burning in case of blocked rotor….Be carefull!!

2: I just noticed that there are many other unsatisfied people now reporting on this forum.

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