Re: C-Drive

Mike Ondra

Upon haul out we find on Aletes that the lower c-drive can be moved about 1/2 inch side to side. From the thread on this issue, it would seem time to pull the bolt and sleeves to examine and replace worn parts. It would also seem that the stainless sleeve provided a rigid stop to the bolt being tightened while the rubber hose (or hose within a hose) component provides the shock absorption without taking the bolt tightening pressure.

I could not find a conclusion to this issue in regards to the specs of the rubber component to be obtained for replacement. I am assuming that the stainless steel sleeve will be in OK shape and can be reinstalled.

We will be attempting this work on Friday and hope to post pictures to document the procedure. Any advice prior to that would be appreciated.



S/V Aletes SM#240

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