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Andrew & Kate Lamb

Hi Paul

So far so good – we have had it installed for about 2 years now and when in the marina we leave the boat permanently connected to shore power we have a 3G connection from the controller and so get status updates every 15 minutes + alerts via the victron site when we are away from the boat. It is quite heavy so in that respect it is a back breaking job to install it in the engine room. I also - following recent messages regarding the bonding and isolation from the –24V connection - can confirm with the quattro that the –24V is isolated from the casing. I particularly like the assistance aspects of the quattro - so if plugged into a 16amp shore circuit we can set the quattro to assistance if the shore current goes above 16 amps and therefore if we switch on too many things on in the boat and there is a transient spike above 16 amps the quattro will flip to assistance mode to iron out the spikes rather than the shore power switch tripping. When inverting for long periods it can get quite hot and the engine room temperature can rise so I have considered using one of its in built relays to switch on the 24V fan if the temperature gets too high but I have not set that up yet.


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Hello Andrew and Kate

Are you please with your Victron Quattro 5000/24 , our inverter does not work and our charger are only 50 A so I'm thinking of the same combined charger/Inverter and also include an isolation Transformer

Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM #259

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