Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Isolation Transformer

Paul Osterberg

Thank you,
Yes they are heavy, but they all are so not much to do about it.The "capacity" of the inverter goes down quite a lot from 5000 w at 25 degree C to 4000 w at 40 degree C, but the engine room could easily be hotter than that, so I don't know how much a fan will help unless the Charger/Inverter get much above 40 degree C, however for us 4000 Kw is a little bit over kill, but the smaller only give 2200 kw at 40 degree C and I like the 120 A charging. 
I see on the threads that some considering to install Inverter/Charger in the  lazaret or in the cockpit locker, anyone with experience/view on that?
Paul SY Kerpa #259

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