Re: Motor on fuler for the Main Sail

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The shaft on the main sail furling motor on our SM 2000 fractured in such a way that the
shaft remained partially engaged and would work while making a lot of noise. I originally
thought that the gear box was contaminated and the gears were making the noise but in
the process of disassembly we found the fractured shaft of the motor. This could be the
cause of the noise you are hearing. I would lower the motor-gear box assembly and see if
you can identify the source.

Amel supplied a new motor $US 606.00 in Nov 2004. It took about 3 hours of labor for

Regards, Gary Silver

The motor on furler on the main sail is making a lot of noise. Is there anyone out there
that has had this problem and what did you do about it.
Thanks James DeSalvo Liebling207

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