Water Maker Power Draw

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

9 June 2006


I have verified that the power consumptions on my Dessalator Water Maker on my hull #
335 Amel SM 2000 are as follows:

1. Control Circuity on with only the Low Pressure Pump Running = 2 amps = 430 watts

2. Control Circuity on plus Low Pressure Pump Running and High Pressure Pump running
under no load (i.e. the pressure not dialed up) = 13.5 amps = 1390 watts

3. Same as #2 above but running at operating pressure making 160 l/hr = 14.4 amps =
2550 watts

My 20 amp circuit breaker would randomly trip while running with these loads. I ordered
a new 20 amp breaker and a 25 amp breaker from Amel, (33 Euro and 48 Euro
respectively). I installed the 20 amp breaker and haven't had any trips in about 15 hours
of operation. It appears to me that a properly working 20 amp breaker sholuld be
adequate for this installation.

If your water maker is tripping its 20 amp breaker I recommend using a clamp amp meter
to measure the current draw and if it is close to the values listed above then I suspect a
"weak" circuit breaker.

Regards. Gary Silver

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