ivarmylde <mylde@...>

Can anybody help me. I hve had mooring rope in the thruster due too
short mooring rope. Now cannot get bowthruster fully up ca 1,5 cm
left. Not sure if get it fully down, but when I dive can move the
propeller freely, but when I push button for right and left nothing
When I push down there is no beep sound - when take it up there is
I take it thruster is slightly out of normal position
Is there a circut breaker for the propeller ? since the propeller dont
work or is it because the thruster is slightly out of position.
Now cruising northern Sicily, Italy. I can go to Trapani in a couple
of days.
If anybody hve a good solution pls cpy my satelit mail:
Thks v.m.
Rgds Ivar Mylde
53 Silfrania

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